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Brand Identity System_2023

           Walmart created a new retail business unit to serve small business, nonprofit, and government organization customers to help them stock up their workplaces. We created a brand strategy and positioning, name, and unique visual identity for this new business unit.For the name, we landed on “Walmart Business,” which quickly communicates the kind of services we offer, eliminates the need to explain what we do, is simple, strong, and self-explanatory.

The direct tie back to Walmart helps our customers feel legitimized in engaging with us and reminds them of our differentiated offering.We focused Walmart Business’s brand positioning on saving our customers money, time, and hassle so they can accomplish more with their business.

For Walmart Business’s brand identity, our challenge was twofold. First, we had to adopt enough of the Walmart master brand ID to visually communicate the connection to Walmart and maintain a consistent overall design system across the master brand. Secondly, we had to identify opportunities to differentiate within that system to signal a new offering for a unique audience of small business owners and administrators. To meet this brand challenge, we created a unique expression of Walmart’s color palette, leaning more heavily into its darker blues. We retained the master brand font, but introduced use of color in headlines to highlight key phrases and value propositions.

We executed an original photography shoot across several small business environments to reflect authentic small business moments of humanity that we didn’t see in traditional stock photography. We created a unique grid system, drawing inspiration from the Walmart Spark, to add structure to visual elements and layouts.

And finally, we created a library of illustrations leveraging the brand color palette to depict objects and concepts across communications.Our new brand ID is currently in market via a full-funnel national paid media campaign.

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